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Seems Like I've been here before

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Friday, May 19 2017 Views: 54

1-  I am in some strange place, but it looks familiar from other dreams . In Winoski, and same small house at the top of the hill. Its night time and I think I met up with whoopi there and her daughter [same recurring theme ] I hear them talking about some topic about punishments..and  I see her with two older men , this part looks more like our old living room..even in the past staring near the old tv we had growing up in a corner.   I could hear whoopi talking abot being 'spanked' as a kid and I was looking over in disbelief ..since I recall her saying that [on the view] her mother didn't use spanking- but the other two men were joking around about the way parents spanked the kids. looked like whoopi had some white- finger [reminded me of the foam fingers at baseball or basketball games]- over their head. Which I thought was funny. Not sure why it took place in the way past,

2-  Then I am in another area that doesn't look to familiar , but the theme was recurring.. in some neighborhood. I recall mom and dad were around.  was doing something around the unfamilair building someone was telling me where there were a  apart  of the schoolroom.. and was trying to see what mom and dad were doing something weird and why i had to try to see them.

Was like a maze they were going through and inside the maze ''odd stuff' was around them..first it looked like they were just trying to talk to people about the area and  what was going on around the place [which was like a carnival ride with creepy things around , why I had looked to be sure they were ok } I also was in the science classroom..where I think it was my old science teacher mr roberts.

But then I could see that Snape and dumbledore where around showing some stuff on a bulletin board } was like the classroom, but then when they appeared it was more like "hogwarts' but it kept changing all areas from the neighborhood [and odd creatures were coming out of the shadows - I think they were zombies or just shady characters that did't look welcoming.  other scenes are a bit vague some other scenes were still about mom and dad, going throug the neighborhood then from there to the odd maze with creatures around [I think that hogwarts was a vague part with Scully and mulder asking about the zombies.  the classroom was same as our old science from 7th grade.. with dumbledore and snape was talking to us about where we shouldn't go [in the spell room] well the place where he kept the potions was like the small room where they were trying to get to the potions,but snape was following us and we were like sorry we went to the wrong door,..something like that..and saw Hawkeye and charles aroud the old path- talking about the mash land [were checking the schoolyard out ]- end

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