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The Guy in the Blue Overalls

Lucid Intent
Friday, January 11 2013 Views: 235

I was going on a road trip to LA with my friends in an old campervan. We lived in Massachusetts, so we had planned out which cities and towns we would stop at on the way - we obviously couldn't do a 3,000 mile trip in one day. It was going to be a big road trip. 

We packed our things and loaded them onto the van. We had lots of money, clothes and food to pepare us - we even had emergancy camping gear incase we couldn't find a hotel to stay at. We all piled into the van, I was driving, I had one of my friends in the passenger seat, and two others sat in the back. 


We laughed all the way, music blaring, singing our hearts out. We had been in the car for about 5 hours, so we were far from home, but still no where near LA. We were driving down a narrow dirt road, each side was surrounded by corn fields that were about 10ft high. As we drove past, I could see dead bodies in the corn - however, I could only see little parts, a pale white hand sticking out here, and a pale rotten head over there. Somehow, the bodies didn't phase us, and they went unnoticed in my dream. 

We eventually reached a small town - we could see it on the horizon. We were planning on having a short stop for gas, then driving an hour down the road to the next town to stay for the night. But suddenly the van lost control on the mud, and slid down a ditch and crashed. We all got out of the van - no one was hurt. A young man dressed in blue overalls and a red baseball cap approached us, he was built like a brick shit house and had a very handsome face. 

"My father is a car mechanic, he can fix your car and you can stay here until it's fixed." He had a deep voice.

"Ok, thanks! That's great!" I said smiling. We grabbed our rucksacks out of the van and locked up, then we handed the keys over to the guy. Then we climbed out of the ditch and started walking into the town, trying to find a hotel or a bed and breakfast. Suddenly, loads of farmers started chasing us, they were all wearing the same blue overalls and red baseball cap as the guy. We tried to run away, but they caught up with us. The guy who approached us grabbed my hands, he looked into my eyes and squeezed my hands. He tried to kiss me but I blushed and put my head down. I suddenly felt like I loved this guy, even though we just met. 

"You are so beautiful, will you marry me?" He asked. I told him I didn't want to marry him, but I gave him a friendly hug instead. "Then come to our town hall meeting." We walked hand in hand to the town hall in the center of the small town. It looked remarkably similar to the sports hall at my school. It had no chairs or furniture inside. When we got inside, everyone was lying down on the floor. We lay down too, and looked into each others eyes. 


Additional Comments:

I woke up after having this dream missing the guy in the blue overalls. It's strange how dreams can effect you emotionally. I think the guy represented someone in my life who resembled his apperance. My feelings for the guy in the blue overalls and my feelings for the guy in real life are very similar... 

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