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Mind The Doors

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Tuesday, September 5 2017 Views: 43

I had recently moved out of a very small house. It resembled a house I'd lived in IRL, but the layout was different. Over the preceeding months, I'd started to feel like there was something evil in the house, the house itself was malevolent. I'd noticed a few times that as I was trying to leave the house, the door would swing back as though it were trying to prevent me from leaving. As the months went on, it started to happen more often, and more severely. The last few times I'd tried to leave, the door would push heavily back, as though there were someone on the other side trying to push it closed again. I had to force the door open with all my strength while I squeezed through the gap. It was like the house was trying to prevent my from leaving, and would crush me to death eventually if I kept trying to leave. The last time it happened, I was so terrified I just left in the middle of the night with just the essentials in my handbag.


A few days later, I had to go back to the house in the daytime to meet the landlord and sign some paperwork. I was really frightened, but I thought I might be ok as it was broad daylight, and the landlord would be there too. When I arrived, he was already in the living room. He was quite young, maybe late 20s, early 30s. He was softly spoken, and there was something creepy about him that I couldn't quite put my finger on. He gave me a bit of a Norman Bates vibe, and I had a suspicion that he knew the house was evil, and helped it by encouraging people to live there. All my things were still in the house, but they were all over the place, as though someone had been in and trashed everything. I told the landlord I would only come in on the condition that when I left, he would walk through the door with me, as in, I would be clinging to his arm. He agreed.

The landlord noticed me looking around at my things, and he said "Did you want to take something home with you?". I saw a toy raven that my fiance had bought me when we went to the Tower of London, and I said yes, I wanted to take that. He told me to go ahead while he worked on the paperwork. When I got near the toy, I saw a large blue bag which was full of other stuffed animal toys, all of which had sentimental value. I decided to take that too, so I grabbed the bag and started putting in the other toys which were dotted around. The landlord stopped writing and said "I told you you could take ONE thing". I put the bag down and ended up taking nothing with me. I saw that the patio doors were wide open, and I contemplated grabbing the bag and running, but I new the door would stop me.

I told the landlord I wanted to leave, and he said that was ok. We walked to the door and I wrapped my arms around his arm, and we walked out the door. Nothing happened. Just outside the door, I turned back and looked inside. Everything was completely silent, and the landlord had disappeared. All my furniture was gone, and there were now three sofas. On each one was a mannequin. To the right was a black mannequin in green lingerie, on the left was a white, blonde one in yellow lingerie. In the middle, with it's back to me, was a mannequin with brown hair the same length as mine. It was wearing a peach coloured outfit, some sort of nightie or underwear. I realised it was the underwear I'd been wearing when I went to the house. I had a sudden feeling of horror, I knew this meant something bad, but I wasn't sure what - I suspected it meant I hadn't actually got out of the house, and now my soul was trapped there, along with the souls of two other women.

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