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So High

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Friday, March 24 2017 Views: 1011

We were so high that I had no idea what did I do.

I am in my classroom (which will soon be my old classroom in Real-life) and the classroom is different from Real-life. Our teacher is Nurse Jacquline Gazelle, the gazelle nurse from My Gym Partner’s A Monkey. Interestingly, my classmates doesn’t find it unusual that a Furry teacher (er… nurse) is present. As expected from a nurse, she has a school nurse’s outfit but she is teaching to us some sort of math.

I was really confused as if WTF is going on. After a long pause and analyzing, I raise my hand and said, “Is that an isotope?” Nurse Jacquline Gazelle looked at me and is speechless, as if thinking what the fuck he is thinking.

Then she nod and I got really bored. I created a batch of small balls of chocolate mixed with a dose of Mary Jane and distributed it to everyone. As everyone ate them and became higher than a kite, I took one and I feel like I’m flying while I watched my classmates do weird things like flying around.

Then I realized that I was dreaming so I went outside and began to summon a person that I loved (as a friend). I try to say Sharkie’s name thrice but the first two were muted and the third is barely audible (possible effects of pot). Then I turned to my left and saw a familiar blue haired man in the distance.

I became jumpy and my heart races as I run to Sharkie in high speed and hug him tight. At last! I manage to successfully summon a Dream Character and hug Sharkie as I can’t wait to show him my school. As we went to my classroom, I wrap my right arm around him and he did the same with me as I miss him very much (and to make people think that we are siblings when biologically we aren’t). Then we went to my classroom and one of the school staff announced that our room is moved.

Then I woke up.

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