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An Unstable Sharkman

Tuesday, May 16 2017 Views: 503

Murder Case # 430 : Gem Furry AA murdered brutally at the bedroom of Sharkman AA Doctor Albian Chordat

Cause of death: Tent peg stuck in the head of the victim

Suspect: unknown

The dream decided to give me a glimpse on who is the murderer and what had happened before. The scene opens with Doctor Albian, who appears to be reading something. He is basically a Nurse Sharkman as he has brown skin and eyes. Ironically, he appears to wear some sort of a scientist or doctor’s coat. He reads about a certain story where a woman killed an invading general by driving a tent peg on his forehead while sleeping.

Then the victim, Eric Agate, went in as he is being invited for a private two-person sleepover. While Eric talk to Albian in a very merry and cheerful way, the Doctor talks in a monotonous tone while keeping the same facial expression. Then the scene switches to the bed of Doctor Albian where Eric sleeps peacefully. The door opened as someone enters the room. The person stop next to the bed and placed a hard object in one of Eric’s closed eyes.

Eric screamed in pain as a tent peg dig deep into one of his eyes. He was half awake when he saw Doctor Albian drive the tent peg deep with a hammer, destroying the targeted eye effectively. The emotionless Sharkman (literally) intentionally did it to him because he wanted to see if a tent peg can really kill a person and he done it incorrectly. He pull off the peg as Eric scramble to the ground, clutching his heavily damaged eye.

Unknown to Eric, the food he ate earlier is laced with a specific drug that temporarily turns all emotions to fear and all actions will be nothing but flight. Additionally, Albia had trap Eric in the room. As Eric watches tearfully, Albian went to him, place the bloody peg at the center of the head, and drive it deep down that it damages that brain.

After the method being proven, Albian had carried the entire operation in his emotionless state. He decided to find a way to get rid of the body in many ways as well as getting rid of the evidence as the blood is spilt in great quantities.

Then I woke up.

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