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SCP 3999, Still Alive

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Wednesday, May 17 2017 Views: 522

Neutralized SCPs are not truly dead in Dream World, they are still alive. Something for deceased characters so, yeah, Prim is alive.

I am in the outer space where I took a ride on a mechanical whale-like vehicle in blue and gold. There is a large cluster of futuristic structures made of blue and golden materials though I have no idea what its function is. I also found out that there are other people (and characters) present and the direction leads us  straight to a large tower-like structure in the center of an otherwise purple outer space.

As we went to the entrance, there is a strange woman with clothing articles of blue and gold. I can describe it as something that Lady Gaga would love to wear as it appears to be based on her many crazy outfits. To cement the fact that she is an alien, she has blue skin.

As we went inside, the woman told us to watch our steps as there are no railings and the gravity here is very weak. Just as I woke up, I saw four sentences in a sea of blackness, all highlighted in blue and has the word blue per sentence.

Blue is everything

Blue is everywhere

Everything should be colour blue

You, too, should be blue

It also reveals that SCP – 3999 is still alive and it made that message.

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