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Miss Understood & Alone

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Monday, May 15 2017 Views: 581

Sometimes, other races will think of humans as inferior and repulsive. Sometimes, they are right.

I am in a place in the world that can be described as in foliage that has some bushes, a watch tower over the middle of a stream and a small mound of land where water came out form it. There is an invasion of hostile ghosts and I unintentionally join with a group of Japanese fighting with long bamboo poles. It is somehow proven effective as it can bring the ghosts down to being clothes.

As I struck down an incoming ghost, I saw the ghost’s kimono, which is sky blue that is fading to pink from top to bottom, fell to the stream. One of the locals told me to destroy it but I didn’t listen to him. As I went to the stream, and got the kimono, I threw it to the ground. Then the ghost materialized from the kimono, with the appearance of a girl with straight black hair.

Instead of fighting her, I decided to negotiate with her. It turned out that she isn’t evil and is trying to get away from hostile humans. Then we decided to talk more of our personal info and nothing will stop us from forming our little bond…

…until the evening came and the ghost girl told me that she had to go so that she could go to Paradise. She dive into the stream and swam away, leaving me brokenhearted. No one even celebrated on it.

Then I woke up.

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