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The Perfection & The Sharks

Thursday, May 18 2017 Views: 572

A certain character is a reference to Mary Sues as well as The Copycats from The Amazing World of Gumball.

The scene (without me as I am watching the entire dream) started at Golden oaks Library, which is restored due to nostalgia. Twilight Sparkle is delights to have a unicorn guest named Starlight (not STARLIGHT GLIMMER), an alabaster-furred unicorn with yellow eyes, and sky blue mane and tail with cyan tips.

Twilight was very impressed at Starlight as she is capable on arranging books in a faster rate and capable of multi-levitation. Then Twilight intentionally messed up a section of a bookcase and Starlight flew up and arranged it properly. It reveals that Starlight is an Alicorn, which made Twilight suspicious at her guest.

Then the library doors opened up to reveal several citizens of Ponyville appear to be (forcibly) dressed up as Mare Do Well and one of the costumed citizens went to Twilight before ripping off her costume, revealing to be Derpy Hooves. Unusually, she appears to be pissed off and her eyes weren’t fish eyes. She told Twilight angrily that Pinkie Pie forces everypony to wear the outfit just for the welcome party of the new Alicorn.

Then the scene later shows the outside world where there is a DJ booth with Pinkie Pie in it while a giant flat screen projected some random stuff and Pinkie “rapping”. Because she is Pinkie Pie, she can rap nonsense with said nonsense seen on-screen like a bowl of large melting chocolate (or mud). Then the camera zooms to a part of the scene to reveal Henry Armadillo and a seal student with a green parka, denim jeans, and a n overbite with the buck teeth protract out of the mouth (with his teeth covered with braces). Henry looked at the seal and he recognize him as one of his friends, which is surprising for someone who was treated as crap by nearly everyone. The two act as they were actual friends and walked out to a path until they unintentionally bump with Bull, who is beating up Adam Lyon, with a force that is strong enough to knock all of them to their feet (and… err… fins and flippers).

The results are very obvious when pissing off a bully. Bull chased all of the three as they ran around one of Ponyville’s parks, with Bull mowing down everything in his path, in which I comment it is like a lawnmower. Then the four went to a specific part of the park where two actual Sharkmen (both wore white T-Shirts, and orange shorts as well as blue flip flops) that represent the species of Blue Sharks mowing the park, with a smaller one (except he has Crocs instead) following by the working men. One of the Sharkmen looks at the chasing Bull in confusion as Bull mows down faster than them.

After goung round and round (like a record), Virgil Bull got a bit dizzy and lost track of them. Instead, he went to a different way and bumped into Gerfurch, who looks like an emo version of Daniel except black hair and clothes except he wore a ruby pendant with a black swastika in it (it is meant for peace, not Nazi). Bull towered over the emotionless Gerfurch and I said “Do you want some bubbles?” Gerfurch took out a bubble mixture out of nowhere and hold out the bubble wand. For whatever reason, the wind blew on the wand’s direction and the bubbles flew straight to Bull’s eyes, which results are very expected. Gerfurch wasn’t even get disturbed by it.

Then I woke up.

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