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Sunday, May 21 2017 Views: 576

Japan is already a weird yet fascinating country. Mixing it with Dream World already increases its weirdness by threshold.

The dream firsts features many vision of me trying to survive in a dying yet bizarre world before I landed on a bizarre city in Dream World. After all that chaos and destruction, the result is JPN, an obviously Japanese-inspired city that its weirdness is threshold than even Japan itself.

Due to how surreal JPN is, the city is mixed with so many pop culture and obscure references that even my partner (Subconsciousness) even got very confused. At one point, I saw a pedestrian, who wore a futuristic helmet that shaped like a football with a visor, stare at me as I am very cherry. Then a fat white woman with a pink dress full of yellow geometric shapes eat an ice cream while she was squatting in the middle of the road, no one objected her.

As we enter on a salon for puppies, I went out via a backdoor where a werewolf leap out of a tree and placed a sharp claw at my back while he demands sugar. I evade him and run straight back inside while I barricade the door. The werewolf threatens to kill everyone inside and I threaten him back that I am going to erase him from existence by a click of my phone. Then he added that if it is enough to kill him as he is aware that he can come back.

Knowing that anyone can get hurt, I decided to help. My Subconsciousness was like “Seriously?” and I winked. Then the werewolf and I went out of the puppy salon to show him four ice cream stalls, in which I proclaimed that they have sugar though I wondered why all of them were placed very close to each other.

Despite of that, the werewolf began to lose interest and the locals began to feel nervous. I pointed at a deeper part of the market and he stupidly went there. Apparently, a long thin Grey alien dressed up as an Indian shopkeeper told me that the werewolf I s very infamous in the city.

Then I woke up.

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