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In a reference to Halsey (who made an actual appearance here), the titular BADLANDS is a part of the Nightmare Realm in which Halsey enters in herself.

The dream started in a dystopian totalitarian city where Halsey was sent in there, possibly as a spy. The city draws various inspirations from World War II-era Germany. As Halsey is peeking behind a crate of explosives, she planted a microscopic bomb on the crate and back behind a wall for a safe distance. Before she could detonate the bomb, something else explodes, causing people to panic and soldiers ready in their positions.

Luckily, there is a door next to the wall and Halsey manages to land on a street via it. Civilians were fleeing from something, and fleshy tendrils emerge from the ground and either kill/consume any civilian caught in its path. Halsey unleashes two powers (super speed and strength) and run towards the depth of the chaos, where she saw a blue glow on a giant tendril that shaped and looked like a beanstalk.

Halsey enters the tendril and was transported to the dreaded Nightmare Realm at the BADLANDS. The setting she was is in a crumbling city with a purple sky and more tendrils. It is somehow revealed that the ones that were consumed and survive were sent here as a man was trapped in a pink bubble that floats higher while a woman is forced to stand near a burning car, watching at the man. Halsey wasn’t affected and she swiftly travels around in hopes for an exit while avoiding possible hazards. As Halsey stays in the BADLANDS longer, the entire area is getting darker in every minute. Halsey comes across a building-size sinkhole that emits a peaceful cyan glow, in which she jumps on it and was safely transported back to Dream World.

Then I woke up.

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