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It’s A Wonderful Plot

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Monday, June 5 2017 Views: 441

… that involves a beautifully made Catholic church crumble to dust, getting bitten by a rodent of unusual size (with TOO MANY TICKS), and being neglected by an AA friend as he is too busy making poses, it IS a wonderful plot after all.

I’m standing on a specific part of a Filipino town watching several shrines and statues of Virgin Mary along with a Catholic church being destroyed. I admit that I am not Catholic but I found this tragic as I love the design of the statues and the church and only wondered who is the asshole that permitted his men to destroy them.

Then the scene changes to a third person view in my hometown where I saw a wolf in white weakly trying to escape from a disgusting black rat that is bigger than a human infant and has a complete line of ticks in its back. Then the wolf uses a sort of a device that emits red smoke, causing the rat to be distracted or hurt.

I was next to a store when the two animals get caught on each other and began to bite viciously in each other. I wanted to help but I might get bitten by either of them. Then the scene itself causes a loop and I became aware. I set up a fence (using my own mind) so that I can save the wolf. As they pass by, I try to close the gate but both of them enter anyway. Then one of my pet dachshunds appears and began to fight with the wolf while the rat watches at them. I try to go to my home fast but I accidentally touch the rat, causing it to bite my right arm. Worse, the two canines keep on fighting along with the rat.

Cobalt’s Pokémon form in Chibi form.

Then I try to imagine Cobalt to appear and help me as I think I might have rabies. He eventually appears in his Pokémon form. But, much to my dismay, he spends the rest of his appearance making elegant, sexy, and masculine poses as if he is either in front of the paparazzi or cameras. I was left with a rat bite, three fighting mammals, and one Pokémon posing in the sake of vanity.

Then I woke up.

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