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Tuesday, June 6 2017 Views: 476

Placed under training with some AAs for one thing: preparation for an upcoming World War Z-esque zombie apocalypse.

I enter in a warehouse of sort though the exterior is more designed to be like a mansion or a fancy two-story building. Accompanying me is an AA squad of Blacks Ops-like unit lead by Ivan Hoede (their de facto leader), all of them male and wore black cyan glowing futuristic armour. The soldiers brought me here so that they can teach me on using my lucidity to weaponize many things in an environment, including long thin rod-like objects. I van teaches me to weaponize a long bamboo pole, two short bamboo sticks, and a blade attached on a stick (spear).

Then I have a vision where I saw a group of terrorists clad in radiation suits dump some chemicals on a pipe. Then it switches to an underwater view on a pool where I saw some people swimming in it. The chemicals began to seep in and I began to panic as I think that I might get infected or poison. Ivan, who noticed that I am having a vision, told me to remain calm.

Then it switches on the entrance of the warehouse-disguised-as-mansion where I saw a woman in long white wedding gown standing on the entrance. I saw Ivan standing at the entrance to persuade the woman to come in as hordes of infected individuals is coming for them. She told him not to worry as she was infected and told him to save himself (and his crew). Ivan had no choice but to close and barricade the doors.

However, it is later revealed that she betrayed them. The final vision scene takes place in what might be a giant forest with a waterfall. The bitch in sheep’s clothing is standing in front of a crowd of the magical fair folk. It is somehow revealed that she sided none but the fair folks and she had fake her “infected” claim. She told them that they are all planning to take over the city as the fair folks roar in agreement.

Then I woke up.

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