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Ain’t My Fault

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Thursday, June 8 2017 Views: 406

In which the coach of the title, which is Zara Larsson’s song, made a daring adventure. Ironically, it is her (the dancer) fault that something will happen in the end and it ain’t my fault just because I am a Dreamer.

The coach of Ain’t My Fault.

The dream chronicles on the adventure of a Just Dance Unlimited coach who decided to at least try going out of her native land/whatever. She landed on a poor rural part of a town. Then she went on a small tunnel that let her descend to an underground area with three rooms.

The dancer is impressed as she decided to explore the underground area. One room is speculated to be a kitchen as she saw what might be the chef’s table with a few stoves. Then she went to the dining room and she stopped there because she can get to see a lot of food prepared. She can see several fruit platters for specific fruits, several of dishes made from many ingredients, and several cakes, mostly chocolate, my favourite flavor. Too bad I am in 3rd person view so I can helplessly drooling over the food.

However, the dancer isn’t interested on eating, maybe because either she has no mouth, hates food, has no digestive track, or not hungry. Oddly, regular people are present and they don’t mind seeing a purely white skinned lady in a hooded crop top with golden accessories. Then the coach departed by going on an alternate exit. The exit leads the coach on a forest where in the distance is a couple of Minecraft houses in semi-pristine condition. At the moment, she began to get attracted but she became savvy enough that it is haunted and ran back to the start while screaming.

At first, it may be entertaining but I went ghost mode and enter one of the buildings, in which it is haunted. Oddly, it is Freddy Fazbear and he notices my presence though he ignored me. I accidentally bump on a prop and he glared at me before he prepared himself to Jumpscare a really familiar character who appeared in the Dream Log series: Little Kelly. Unsurprisingly, she scream in terror at the sight of Ghost!Freddy.

Then I woke up.

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