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Let Them Eat Cake

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Friday, June 9 2017 Views: 401

T-Rex firing fire blasts on chickens and conflicts caused by clashing cake tastes? Okay, it looks weird.

Much of the dream takes place in my mom’s business area, in which the staff is appearing to clean the already-finished event. Out of boredom, I summoned a T-Rex (no feathers, sadly) about nearly half of my half and summoned several chickens. I imagine that the T-Rex will shoot out fire from its mouth, in which it did and turned 99% of the chicken into hot wings. However, one chicken defied it and ran away. I strike the legs with a bamboo-pole-out-of-nowhere (thanks, Ivan) but, for some reason, the chicken is indestructible and continues running anyway.

Then I ask mom why didn’t she invite me to eat and told me that I am too busy. As I took a knife and a plate, and proceed to slice on the chocolate part of a two flavoured cake (chocolate & ube), I began to think up of a tale about two families having a conflict/feud. It may sound like Romeo & Juliet but then it is revealed that the cause of the feud is actually cake flavor tastes as neither agree which flavor is the best.

Then I woke up.

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