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PLAY 2.0

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Saturday, June 10 2017 Views: 453

No relations with the original dream PLAY (and will never have any relation with said dream!) Featuring events like fire blast games, an obvious demon boy, and clothing manipulation.

Earlier in the dream, I am playing with a kid. As I point my open hands at him, fire erupts from my hands and he fell back. I was shocked and surprised as smoke is rising from my hands. Unusually, the kid is indestructible and he told me to do it again because it is fun.

Beta colour scheme and final colour scheme of the song in Just Dance: Vitality School.

Then I have a very brief Just Dance routine of PLAY by Jolin Tsai (exclusive in China for whatever reason) but I notice 2 things. Her hair style is very different as it is a ponytail tied up with a light green hairband and her colour scheme is taken from the beta version.

Then I am in a mall where everyone started to panic as there claims to be a demon invading the area. Although I may be scared or shocked, I find it completely ridiculous and somehow irrational as I am a Dreamer. Then I was confronted by a little boy, in which I thought him as a normal boy until he makes a threatening face that reveals razor sharp teeth. He threatens me that he will drag me to the Netherworld but I vigorously rub his head and stated that I am a Dreamer.

Then I ended up on a swimming resort that overviews on a mountainous view. The scene, as I can tell, features completely WTF-inducing events that can only be beaten by weird photos from Russian Social networks, 9GAG, and Walmart photos of very strange people. Ironically, I was also part of the weird events. One time, I scream in faux horror as I saw sewage algae-cloaked water slowly rising and I fell on the ground as I hold a plate full of éclair donuts and scream that I might drop and ruin them.

Want some more RADICAL? Here you go.

At another time, I saw a group of completely identical RADICAL (Classic) coaches (despite the Classic is solo, also don’t ask) hanging out in a tropical bar. This time, one of them is capable on human speech and talks (and acts) like a Valley Girl, asking for glasses of buko juices for her squad.

The final scene focuses on some members of the K-Pop group Girls’ Generation. They began to make poses in front of a van while another member is seen outside from a camera’s view. Using the same technique from a previous dream, I change and added some changes on the posing girls including a border/outline (black and white), gloves (orange-yellow, cotton candy pink, and Malibu), and other details with my mind.

Then I woke up.

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