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Space in real-life is strange as it has black holes, super giant red stars, and Pluto. Dream World Space features an asteroid with an active volcano that glows north, south, east and west, gravity defying, quick dry lava, and a strange core. Oh, and some featured characters (two coming straight from this Dream Journal).

The dream started with the asteroid though devoid of colour because it is taken in a style very similar to an old camera in space. The volcano is located on the center of the asteroid and looked like a popped pimple. After the strange volcano erupted three times, it became dormant and the dried lava turned to dust. The colour of said lava will forever be unknown.

Then an astronaut was sent to the asteroid to investigate the inner parts of the asteroid. As he (or was it a female? I think it is a male because of heavy breathing that sounds masculine) enters the inside via being sucked in by the volcano, he/she/it is in a strange dimension with a white sky, a rocky platform with a circular shape, a giant smooth rock sphere on the center, and two smaller floating spheres that spin counterclockwise and around the giant sphere. The astronaut touches a sphere and it is sent to a similar dimension though more spheres, in which it is discovered that this is the asteroid’s core. Carefully choosing the right sphere to avoid getting lost, it manages to escape safely.

Before I could accidentally forget it, the space part doesn’t end with the exit of the astronaut, it went to a different part of the asteroid where it looks like our moon because it is full of holes. Emerging from a hole is an AA Dog Furry Gem (Ruby) wearing a very inappropriate outfit for space traveling. He has a maroon vest over red shirt, brown shorts with pockets, dark maroon gloves, dark maroon and sky blue elbow and knee guards, and dark maroon ankle braces. He also has red braces and the guards were shaped-like a diamond. Since he has ankle braces as footwear, he is technically barefooted.

The Furry AA (Canine) is seen emerging from random holes for fun while several AA women watch over him while wearing even more silly outfits (and headdresses), which is best describe as a white and gold one-piece dress with a gold belt and jewelry, gold and pink headdress, and pink and white kitten heels. Strangely, they didn’t die from lack of oxygen.

Then the next scene features a classmate on mine and me riding in a van that would lead us to Gensan. As we stop on a large school by the Highway, we had an argument on why did we stop and drop here and called a tricycle driver’s attention so that we can go to our destination.

However, as we rode on the tricycle, I found myself alone riding in the tricycle as the destination is what it might seem to be an underground parking lot of an unfamiliar city. There is a crime scene and authorities came to investigate as a bout three people were butchered. Oddly, the parking lot is connected with a nearby room of a hotel. There is a person there that, when she has a temper tantrum, causes the ground to shake as if there is an earthquake going on.

After sometime and the scene is done, I went back to the room to check on something else. Then I found my very first Dream Log and decided to read on the notebook for nostalgia reasons. There are two odd changes (and they are both drawings despite that the first Dream Log lacks any drawing/illustration). One features Elsa in a drawing with two differently coloured clones. One has her colour scheme changed to yellow with light yellow hair but the other clone is incomplete as her hair isn’t complete but appears to be light pink with a raspberry outfit (in colour).

The other change features what might be a street with Marshall Kwo (from a previous dream) and two girls in what might be a big stiff skirt. All three appears as silhouettes, making heir definitions less visible. Since I tend to draw characters Dream Log: GREENLIGHT and onwards with an outline and glove (similar to Just Dance, my favorite game), these cases are unusual as the former has no glove and outline while the latter has a thick white and black border but no glove (not in the case in the physical Dream Log as they were latter added).

Then I Woke up.

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