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Akt 1

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Friday, July 7 2017 Views: 353

The dream is separated into two akty, which is “acts” in Russian as if the dream is a stage or an opera presentation due to having two separate dreams but same theme: Randomness and Drama.

The dream started on… a giant land or grassland where the nature is so huge that we need giant animals and giants as I looked like an ant in comparison. I investigate my surroundings and several assorted dream characters and entities emerge from the grass. Among others is Sharkie Kawazame, a woman in black and white dress, a sentient cube of peach gelatin with eyes and a pair of false teeth with protruding incisors. Any of the dream characters that has a pair of lips smiled at me and a dream character went to me to give me a Rubix cube that allows one person to receive what they need should they finish it correctly.

The scene later switches to me in a house of someone else while I take a bath in an empty pigpen, which is embarrassing as the place is very open. Then a squad/group of friends lead by a schoolmate of mine saw me and were all shocked to see me naked though they didn’t saw my junk for my relief. Then I told them to go away as I try to use a shampoo. The cube is still with me, though, and I saw a small shower to my left.

Then the next scene features with the squad again though I am somehow “part” with them. We were in a small Filipino/tropical market place and appears that we were hanging around and try to buy some fruits. Unknowingly, they were all jealous of me as I have the cube and secretly smuggle the cube from me. They quietly disappear from my sight and I try to find them. After following on a dirt trail, I saw them all in a small black marble castle and they express jealousy on me for being so special and decided to kill me. I ran away before they could respond and rode on a car owned by an uncle of mine so that I can get away even faster.

Then I found myself in the home of my uncle, where his wife/my aunt, and their three boys were present. Then I pulled out a live chicken from my jacket and claimed that even the shadows can chase it. Then all the lights went out and a few light bulbs that didn’t exist in Real-life glow a faint orange light. Shadows slowly started to envelope the chicken while it began to caw in fear and panic. However, the darkness disappear along with the light bulbs and all the other light bulbs came back with the chicken remained calmed. I was surprised because this doesn’t happen before but I ignore it as it is later revealed that my cousins are going to make a pool and I am excited for it.

Then I woke up.

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