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Akt 2

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Saturday, July 8 2017 Views: 357

Gentek scientist hailed as a hero, a stunning performance of a couple of angels, a strange school Sharkgirl, and a repeated scene from Akt 1, it completely sums up the dream.

The arrangement is too confusing. First of all, I found myself in an abandoned factory/warehouse where several Gentek scientists were running around, screaming their heads off as a Brawler Hunter started tearing them to pieces. As I evade the attacks and try to kill it, Ii saw a dead scientist lying on the ground with a clipboard attacked on his hand. I ignore the body at first but when I look at the body again and the outfit of the body changes into a leather-based outfit with a futuristic helmet and the clipboard actually contains the cure for the Redlight virus. I took it and gave it to a trustworthy scientist where the previous scientist was hailed as a hero posthumously.

Then te dream goes on without me as it later focuses on other characters. The first part looks like a still image of a very futuristic floating pad/building above the clouds. As I began to investigate the image, I notice that it shifts into a GIF where it shows a couple of angels in the most anime-tastic details ever. The male has a normal yet anime-ish while the female has an incredibly long hair that reaches to her ankles. Both have really huge wings (bigger than their body) and very detailed outfits.

The GIF evolves straight into a 3rd POV and the angels began to perform an airborne romantic dance as a love song (contains English and Japanese words) began to play. The dance began as a bit light hearting as the couple were circling around each other. Then, out of nowhere, they both took off their clothes, revealing brightly coloured underwear, and did even more aerobic dance moves that were even more complicating. I watch as their clothes slowly descend to the world and, cue to the wild moves that they have, I became worried that they might hurt themselves or fall to the ground and die. It seems impossible but in Dream World, there are millions of ways to get killed. As they decided to do a finale, they flew straight down at a massive speed and landed on a quiet stream with lots of dream characters and an evening shy with white particles floating. Oddly, it was previously noon day. The angels stood on the water to impress the crowd.

‘However, not all of the people were impressed as evident to a school Sharkgirl, who is trying to take a peek for she is short. It is a weird person as her dorsal fin is at the top of her head, has two floating smaller fins floating at the side of her head, and her face is a bit flatter. As a schoolgirl, she wore a green checkered school skirt, white dress shirt, pair of white kneesocks with two black lines at the top, and dark maroon sneakers (a defiant feature on the overall outfit). She also wore a strange ornament on her dorsal fin that is a shiny blue orb with a red ribbon.

Then the same scene (which is from the start of Akt 1) happened, which is already Sharkie’s 2nd appearance, the strange Sharkgirl replaced me instead, who said “What’s wrong in my dream?!” which caused everyone to be ultra confused as this is actually my dream After a few seconds of awkward silence, all of them decided to explore the massive landscape.

They all discover an interesting scene where Pooh Bear, Piglet, Kanga, and Roo all scavenge for survival and food, which causes an even bigger confusions on the observes.

Then I woke up.

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