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Saturday, July 8 2017 Views: 352

One of the dreams where I join the least favourable: the Zombies.

I am in a universe or planet where the undead is a supreme race while the living is referred as livestock. I visit on a cathedral-like morgue where a nurse zombie is tending on a fresh corpse before the zombiefication begins I also followed on a bunch of zombies that were chasing on a human escapee that is in a desolate abandoned mine. Despite that I don’t look like a zombie, the zombies counted me as one of their kind.

Then I had a bizarre false awakening and my younger brother was absent for some reason. As I am about to appreciate the day when a truck emerge from a wall just outside of my window and into the dirt road, which is shocking due to it capable of fitting on a small space. Then I went to my eldest brother’s bedroom to discover a gateway attacked on a wall. I declared it a step of human advancement.

Then I woke up.

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