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Tuesday, August 29 2017 Views: 34

One of the anticipated and well-known creepypasta characters made an appearance.

I was being chased on a cursed town by Slenderman. Unlike his actual depiction, he runs instead of teleporting but his speed is in match on an average human seed while running. Accompanying him where usually the undead that wanted to please their master. Whenever I checked on a house, a live normal person emerge to help me defend myself from Slendy as well as what might be a immobilized undead that can be destroyed by a strike of an axe. At one time, I enter to a shop where the shopkeeper himself disappears once I made a purchase.

Then I woke up.

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NOTE: After this dream, the pre-dream paragraph while be removed and will probably not be returned in future dreams. Translations of the titles are exempted.

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