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Technique: CAT
Friday, September 1 2017 Views: 76

Time: 12:01 AM 5:00 AM

I am in somewhere in the Philippines or tropical country of sort with some companions. As we got out of a building, a mountain or extinct volcano erupted violently in a slow fashion though it resembles Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption. Although, I didn’t get an experience on it, I can tell that I am very fucked due to the volcanic ashes, lava, and laharl. I watch as civilization is slowly being destroyed by slow and destructive lava and laharl before we were being engulfed by a fast moving giant cloudy laharl.

However, we survive and the next part features the same area but civilization was already restored to normal with some people mourning at the loss of their own people. As I pass by, I gave a military salute on the tombs as a sign of respect. Then I manage to enter said building that is next to me since the start of the dream and discovered that this is a voice dubbing studio of sort, with the film that is going to be dub for is the movie Moana.

Then the scene switches to another scene in a park where two men in futuristic Iron Man-esque armour where fighting against each other. One has a pure shiny black armour while the other is black and red. Their fight stunned me, along myself to go lucid. I try to buy some food for them but they went away.

Then I decided to stroll on a park, constantly blinking my eyes to tell myself that I am dreaming. Using my own mind, I cause random parts of the park’s decorations (including the air itself) to flash in random colours. At one time, I stood at the top of a fountain and a girl with pink hair resting at her left shoulder emerges from nowhere. She had a lime T-Shirt, a strange yellow skirt, dark blue leggings, and cranberry heeled boots.

Then I woke up.

NOTE: Funny, the song “How Far I’ll Go” is featured in Just Dance 2018 with Moana as the coach. That part of Moana is a foreshadowing, though. The inclusion of the track was revealed on September 7 2017.

In some ways, the girl from the final part resembles and is likely inspired from Just Dance coach for Bang by Anitta.

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