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Saturday, September 2 2017 Views: 60

Time: 11:57 PM – 7:34 AM

This dream features three different events, each having their own theme. The first takes place on an office building in a middle of a situational crisis. I team up with a light blonde woman with a blue floral scarf, light blue jacket with a white undershirt, light blue jeans with floral designs, and white peep toe heels. We were both news reporters and we were told to evacuate because a giant zombie is rampaging around the city and we had very important information stored in the cases.

As we were being followed by soldiers, I look at a window to see a giant monstrous zombie slaughtering everything in its path, in which I recognize that this is a Goliath. Before we could board to an evac helicopter, the woman disintegrate into white light while she is very shocked. She is nowhere to be found and the effect resembles teleporters of Star Trek.

Then the scene changes and it features myself again in my own home where I realized that I have two dachshund in short hair variety and a single female dachshund in wired hair variety. I had no idea why I have an extra short haired until I realized that this extra one was mine but I lost him some time in the dream.

Then the final segment of the dream takes place on an outskirt of a futuristic city while riding on a car. For gruesome reasons, I run over two futuristic streetwalkers, hoes who were looking for customers in the street and generally the lowest in the sex industry chain as it is very risky for the practitioners.

Then I woke up.

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