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Ex on a sofa

Saturday, March 18 2017 Views: 62

18th March 2017
It began when I was at a party with Dan & Kayley at a party and they were both saying goodbye to everyone. Kayley went and said goodbye to everyone individually including me and started to walk out of the car park. Dan followed close behind saying goodbye to everyone until he got to Ellie, who he then started to make out with. Everyone was taken a back by this and started to draw kayleys attention to this including me. Kayley then turned around and dragged him out of the party. Ellie came and sat next to me and started speaking to me about how much she had missed me since school. She was welling up with tears in her eyes but didn't want to smudge her make-up. We continued talking as we walked through the car park corridors. We entered a room just like my grandma's front room where my dad was sat asleep on the sofa and my grandad terry asleep on the arm chair. I sat down in the middle of the sofa and Ellie led down next to me. She asked if my dad was asleep and I looked over to double check and when I turned back around, she was naked wearing just her bomber jacket and she leaned
in to kiss me. After making out for some minutes, she pulled my hand down her pussy and I started to play with her clitoris. I vividly remember how wet it was before awakening.

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