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Irish Dancing & Drinking

Lucid Intent
Sunday, March 19 2017 Views: 66

19th March 2017
The first part begins when me and "Becca" are smoking on the balcony of our flat. It's a lot higher up than our actual flat but the balcony is also made of wood and has slots about 3 inches wide between the slats, however it is a lot comfier to sit on. As we are smoking, Rebecca comes in and closes the window to prevent the smoke from coming in the flat. Me and "Becca" are wrapped up in duvets and sleeping bags so we're not cold whilst smoking. She has to phones with her and is trying to figure something out with them. I got to take one from when I go inside to stop her from dropping the phone
between the cracks.
The next moment, I awoke in the middle of my university naked from the waist down with a girl next to me who I did not recognise. It's the day after St. Patricks day so I assume I had gotten extremely drunk the night before. As I sit up I notice the back the head of Joshua, a professional Irish dancer, and I understand that he is doing a performance at my university. I called out to him still with unclothed from the waist down and he checks out my genitals before I notice and start pulling up my trousers. As I'm doing this, Kayley walks over and starts to talk to me about Dan and I've try to ignore as I wasn't very interested in their relationship in the dream world as well as the real one.
Eventually Kayley calms her moaning for a second and mentions that Ellie is on her way to see the performance. I quickly drag up my pants but Ellie is standingbehind her and catches a glimpse of my penis. Again we walk and talk through the corridors and we go to sit on some stairswhere she tells me about her engagement to Sam's brother Joe. She mentions how difficult it is to have a successful relationship moving so quickly. I think to myself "what is she doing with that meat head?" and explain to her that being in a 3 year relationship has taught me a lot. She sits down next to me on the stairs and leans onto my shoulders wearing the same jacket as the last dream. Ellie then leans over my knees in the same position as previous entry and we go to kiss. As we are inches from each others' faces, two women walk around the corner and up the stairs to get past us through a small
corridor and I wake up.

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