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The lost steering wheel

Tuesday, September 25 2007 Views: 328

I'm going to put some new cloth on a couch. I first think about fake leopard skin, but nah, I like fake tiger skin better. All at a sudden I remember that it is more important to clean the house instead, so I walk into the bathroom and... HOLY SHIT! There is a big stack of clothes and a big stack of magazines there, so I say for my self "What the heck should I do? I have to much of this junk". All of a sudden my mother stands there and says "give it away to someone who needs it". I tell her that probably nobody wants old dirty underwear and magazines with lost pages, and she gets upset about that. I try to clean it up, but nah, I have borrowed a lawnmower, the kind that you sit on and drive, so I do some work in the garden instead. But the steering wheel is loose, and I incidentely takes it with me when I'm finished. When I'm going to give back the lawnmower, of course I can't find the steering wheel even if I try. I think that "it is probably somewhere in all this mess" and I feel guilty for not cleaning.

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