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Monday, September 5 2016 Views: 205

I am at a hotel, speaking to K.J. (an elderly man I know). He's speaking about his father, but tells me that "you can't remember him, because he passed away in 1971 when I enlisted in the army!". He's correct, I wasn't even born in 1971. I wonder which hotel room I should sleep in, a woman tells me that I can pick whichever I want, but that is too complicated for me. She says that she will get me one if I wait for a while. She will get me one with a view of the ocean. She has a key to room 1204 that she changes into a key to room 2080. I come to think of the fact that now when I'm at the hotel I can't go to work, which makes me feel lucky.

Suddenly, I'm running around in my village instead. I only wearing underwear and a t-shirt, not even shoes, and I think that I will get sick when running in this cold and damp weather with such little clothes on.

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