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Playing scrabble with my aunt

Wednesday, May 17 2017 Views: 76

I'm back at high school, last year, and I try to see what kind of lessons we have this week. I'm nervous that we will have lessons with the teacher that didn't like me. It seems that we will have a lot of lessons with him. But then I see that it is another group of pupils that will have them. But what we will do is completely impossible to know.

Then I'm playing scrabble with my aunt. She puts a lot of letters on the board and gets 700 points. She tells me that it is my turn but I think that it is just pointless, she will win anyway. She leaves me alone at her house and then when she comes back, she asks me if I have been in some old mouldy cardboard boxes on the attic, looking for stuff. "No", I answer her, "I'm an adult now".

Additional Comments:

Being back at school is a reoccuring theme for me.

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