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Forklift accident

Thursday, May 18 2017 Views: 121

I'm at work, going to pack a pallet of cabinets. The pallet is starting to lean heavily and the cabinets almost tip over. I manage to push the cabinets over but then they lean to the other side, I continue doing this for a while and they only get closer and closer to tipping over. My workmate J.K. comes to help me, together we manage to stabilize it. He is standing at the pallet while I'm getting the strapping machine. But then F.S. (another workmate) comes with a forklift at high speed. He drives the forklift into the pallet, almost crushing J.K. between the forklift and the cabinets. I see a large wound on his knee and the blood is splattering everywhere. I say "now we have a work accident to report", but J.K. answers "This is not an accident, it is pure sabotage!". I'm thinking about calling an ambulance but he says I'm a sissy if I call an ambulance for such a small wound. Instead, he wants me to transport him to the hospital. Though the only way of transportation I can offer is by bicycle, so I am going out to get my bicycle.
When I get on my bicycle it is like the rest of the dream is forgotten. Instead, I am biking to my new job, at a factory that makes windows, in the city of Sundsvall, about 600 km from where I live. It is very cold outside and since I'm only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans with the legs cut off, I'm freezing. Also, I get very tired after this very long bike ride. When I arrive at the factory, my friend A.B. also arrives, and he has moved back to Sundsvall in the dream. He is laughing at me, I tell him "don't even ask". I'm not comfortable being close to him, I want to leave, I don't want him to see me.

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