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Wednesday, January 9 2013 Views: 137

In my dream my partner & I are watching a movie that we are told will have the appropriate ending in relation to our real life path. Remember young group of boys who like to see couples reactions. Our movie shows me driving a red holden commodore down a busy freeway & Shane is passenger (at this stage I am more inside the movie than watching it). I clip a old Ute as it's bars are wide on front & lose control of car. I then leave the movie & am now watching ending from my chair. the car crashes and creates huge pile up of vehicles, our car is so bad. Shane seems okay in crash but my own body is slumped in car seat and head has rolled onto bonnet. After movie the young boys explain at in movie they will try to patch me up & Shane will be worse as the women are always left to grieve at the end.

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No idea, very interesting.


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