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Final Destination, Unwilling Sacrifice

Saturday, August 15 2015 Views: 134


If any of you have seen the movie Final Destination then you could have a clue on what's going to happen already. I was with a group of strangers in this city that floated on the sea. The strangers died in brutal ways around me while I run around frantically, wondering not if I'm going to die but when. It turns out that I was a lone surviver but at the expense of the city. I guess my survival was so ground breaking that it tore the city's structure form the inside out. I remember being saved from the city by helicopters, the people inside them stating that the city was I was on was cursed.

I'm now at a new scene, With people surrounding me. They are yelling at me, "You're cursed!" and other stuff such as "Sacrifice yourself", I wasn't having any of it. In my opinion they were talking to a brick wall because I wasn't going to sacrifice myself, especially right after miraculously surviving a Final Destination story! But, I lost control of my body, and went into third person view. I walked towards them and they grabbed at me violently. My body wasn't fighting them but they were violent nonetheless )-; They pulled me to the front of the room and started to stuff my body into a box, deforming my body, and causing blood to spill out the sides. Really, I don't know what's making me have these dreams!?!

Additional Comments:

I HATE Final Destination, and horror movies in general. This is one of my most re occurring dreams, they all just have different settings. While researching death in dreams, I've found that it could mean a lot of things, all more abstract than the last, but two of them spoke out to me. The deaths in this dream either meant that I'm making a change in my life and transferring into a new part of my life ( Moving onto 12th grade, college applications ), or that I'm having stress in my life ( Studying for the SAT, trying to accomplish the grades needed to get into certain colleges so that my mom won't be dissapointed in me, which may not seem like a lot of stress to others on here and, you're right, this isn't really even stressful but just worrisome)


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