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Monday, October 17 2016 Views: 371

   (Swan Prison, except the corner tower had a low wall around it like the one on the left)

The dream started with me going to the Swan Prison on some sort of business. Me and a few middle-aged women went through a dark corridor to a search room, where we were relieved of our potentially deadly possessions. I had a lot of stuff in my bag and it took a while to find all the safety pins, nail clippers and a handful of bodkins, with others looking at me impatiently.

Finally they let us in and we did some educational work with the prisoners. Then, in a moment, without any warning or tension, the prisoners took over and took some hostages. I escaped and roamed the grey building; it was all unpainted concrete, with cold light, plastic sheets strewn everywhere. I got to the tower and went outside on the roof. The prison was not in its usual location, but on the riverbank.

Alex was there and we had a conversation about how we got there. I asked him where he would like to live, anywhere in the world, and he wished for someplace with eternal summer. We were sitting on the brick wall surrounding the roof and from there I could see a house on the riverbank. The walls and courtyard of the house were peach pink, and there were numerous blue empty planters in the courtyard. I thought that if Alex asks me the same question, I'll say I want to live there.

I saw another house on a small island in the middle of the river. I bid goodbye to Alex, jumped from the tower and crossed over the ice to that house. From the window I saw 5 or 6 black horses swimming towards the house, breaking the ice with their hooves.

(View from the island. Prison and the pink building were on the right and the horses came from the left)

(View to the other side of the island)

I opened the gate and let the horses into a tropical lagoon in the courtyard. Soon enough Alex showed up as this was his house and his horses that had broken out of wherever they were held when they noticed somebody in the house. We went to splash in the lagoon with the horses; the water was warm and waist-deep. Back in the house Alex asked where I would like to live and I wished for someplace with a decent autumn. He motioned towards one window and through it I saw the most magnificent Japanese maples in autumn leaves.

Alex needed medicine applied to his back, which I did, reaching under his shirt and touching him gently. I was generally uncharacteristically gentle towards him in both speech, manner and touch. I gave him a 'get well soon' kiss on a cheek and that was it.

Then there was suddenly lots of people in that house, kids and grannies in red aprons, baking pancakes and doughnuts. It was too much noise for me and I went outside, and found myself on a dirt road that had puddles from a recent rain. I picked and ate some blackberries from the roadside brambles.

Additional Comments:

There is no island; the photo was taken from a bridge.

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