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The undead

Wednesday, February 8 2017 Views: 438

1. A long dream about Methos faking his death again and again, but leaving a clue every time for me to find. The last time seemed hopeless; I knew that there was a clue in a painting, but nothing else. I was in a big room with amber-coloured walls and there were paintings everywhere, both framed and unframed, hanging on the walls and propped against them, and stacks of unframed sketches covering every surface. I called my friends for help.

Maria brought a watercolour painting of purple morning glories; the paint was still wet. I thanked her and looked for someplace to put it, but the only things I could see apart from the paintings were a black Singer sewing machine and a white potted bonsai tree. I carefully laid the painting over the crown of the tree.

Leo brought an oil painting of a girl playing the cello in a sunlit garden. He looked amused at my frantic searching. My father came over to help me look and he found a painting of a man being lowered off a cliff side on a rope; it was pretty abstract, but I knew that it was the one that held the answer to the mystery, and felt relieved that the immortal trickster was still alive.

The clue before this I don’t remember that well, apart from a young woman leading me into an abandoned factory where I found a golden necklace in a heap of gravel.


2. Spring, Hometown. Me and Laura had a shop, but we got in some sort of trouble and had to escape extortionists. Our accounts office was on the top floor of a square five-storey building. She emptied the money from the safe and till into a bag while I worked a window open. We jumped across the narrow delivery bay to the roof of a lower building opposite, crashed through the attic door and ran downstairs. The bad guys didn’t risk jumping, but they were shooting at us. We escaped after crossing some train tracks just before a freight train passed. One of the bad guys followed us, but I kicked him in the stomach and he fell right under the train.

We continued on to a getaway car that was waiting not far away. The driver was a girl of about eighteen and she was very excited to see me for some reason. She kept repeating: “I can’t believe it’s you! It’s really, really you!” and was watching me in the rear-view mirror, not noticing how the car bumped over the train tracks and back again, and nearly drove off the road into a ditch.


3. Summer night. I had barricaded in the upstairs room of granma’s house. I knew there was a bear chained to the wall in the downstairs room and thought I’d take it upstairs with me for protection. However, when I was going down the stairs, I heard knocking on the front door and opened. It was dark, but the person in front of me I instantly recognised as Jon Snow. He was all muddy and looked exhausted; I knew he had been buried alive and had dug his way out of the grave. He sort of hugged me, probably to steady himself, but it felt so wrong that I stepped away, locked the door and walked backwards across the hallway and up the stairs repeating “I am rewinding the time”. At the top of the stairs I heard the knocking again and the whole sequence repeated again without any change, so I don’t know if the time in the dream actually went backwards or everything just coincided the same way as before. This time the feeling of something being off was so strong that I woke up.

Additional Comments:

1. Interesting how the real life suicidal trickster Leo shows up in the same dream as the fictional one; I wouldn't have made this connection in waking life. Glad to have a dream where I'm looking for answers and actually finding them. The dream dictionary says that seeing a sewing machine denotes the need to be more frugal; this is actually the case in waking life as I've just paid my taxes and have temporary financial difficulties. Bonsai also indicates limitations. 2 & 3. Laura and Jon Snow were bound to appear in the same dream as GOT is all she ever talks to me about anymore :D The dream dictionary says: "In particular, if you see a bear in your grandmother's house, then it implies that your grandmother is a dominating figure in your life." Spot on.

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