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Lost in translation; also cars and ballet

Saturday, February 18 2017 Views: 112

1. A black car is sliding sideways on parallel ziplines; it’s attached by the wheels, upside down. I am guiding it along with one hand and, although I can barely reach it, it slides easily. It’s a sunny summer say and we’re in a quiet town, but as I keep most of my attention on the car, I don’t notice much else. A green car is in my way, but I march right over its bonnet. For a moment I see myself from the point of view of the green car’s owner who has heard the noise and looks through the window. The sun is in his eyes and he can’t see the ziplines and it looks like I’m levitating the car. He decides not to interfere.

Then I’m me again and start to pay more attention to my surroundings. There are lots of crows and ravens in the lush green linden trees; that grow alongside the road. I know that I’ve been feeding them and that they are friendly. A big bird lands on a road marker post in front me and I think that it’s an unusual colouring for a corvid – dappled brown, but it settles, looks at me and I see that it’s a hawk.

2. I’m in the Colchester train station, translating for an unfamiliar man. He starts his sentence with “Pull tog” and I’m immediately confused – does he mean ‘toga’ or ‘together’ or maybe the thermal resistance measurement? What does it have to do with pulling? Maybe I heard wrong? With my cogs spinning wildly, I miss his next words, but when I finally zoom in on his monologue, I realise that he has a speech defect and obviously meant “bulldog”. I laugh in the dream, but wake up coughing.


3. I’m working as a seamstress for an opera house, and I’m finishing the last of a long list of costumes. I have left a black chiffon dance dress for last and complain to the ballerina waiting how hard it is to sew chiffon to make neat seams. When I’m finally done, she gets dressed and goes to dance. I want to see it in action and watch her from the wings. She is dancing ‘La fille mal gardée’ with such passion that the black costume doesn’t seem inappropriate as everyone is only watching her face anyway.

Additional Comments:

Third day of bad cold, sleep frequently interrupted by cough.

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