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Castle Hill

Saturday, March 4 2017 Views: 226



2. Me and Kiddo were in what first looked like a church (only saw inside) – huge halls, high vaulted ceilings, lots of candles, white roses and silver ornaments. There was a statue of Virgin Mary and I was surprised when Kiddo crossed herself in front of it. She said she’d been taught that in school.

However, the building turned out to be a castle with a café where tourists could have a cup of coffee in the genuine 18th century atmosphere. We did too, although Kiddo had milky tea instead of coffee. We sat in white leather chairs while a waiter in a red livery served us our drinks in small silver cups. There were a lot of books in a bookshelf nearby and we looked through some. Kiddo found a book on botany she liked a lot and sat examining the pictures, while each book I opened was about architecture.


Then a guide arrived, a kindly looking woman in her fifties, to take us for a walk outside. My brother was suddenly there too, although he was only about ten years old in the dream. We walked through a pine forest and came across a dirt road that had small streams of water running along it. We followed these and eventually arrived at the “Spilling Lake” as the guide called it. It was almost completely round and overflowing with water, the surface a bit above the edge, only surface tension holding it together.

Brother got an easel and a box of pastels out from his bag and attempted to draw the lake and surrounding trees, but used much too dark colours, although it was just late afternoon and the weather was sunny and clear.

On the opposite side of the lake there was a cliff face of white limestone about 100 feet high. It had peculiar caves in it where square slabs of stone had been cut out for building the castle; it thought that from afar it looked like a game of Tetris in progress.

We rounded the lake and climbed on top of the cliff. It was close to sunset and the landscape was pretty spectacular – mostly flat terrain with pine forests and almost no traces of civilisation except a few pylons on the far left and a wooden spire of a church in a distance straight ahead. The castle was behind us, but I didn’t catch a glimpse of it.

I knew we were in Latvia, but had no idea as to our precise whereabouts. I looked for any landmarks, but found none. It was further complicated by the guide not answering my questions straight; she just called it Pilskalns (Castle Hill) and wouldn’t even answer whether we’re in Bauska or Jelgava region.

Additional Comments:

Might be partly influenced by Kiddo studying about John Ray and visiting a museum yesterday.

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