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Shifting shop, eco couple, porridge and antlers

Monday, March 6 2017 Views: 91


1. I am in a peculiar shifting shop that changes every hour – first it’s a dance school and I lie on the floor, holding a half-eaten piece of bread in my hand, peeking under a bookshelf where a dancing caterpillar is teaching other blue caterpillars an upbeat dance, like samba. This part I see from beneath the point of view of the lead caterpillar – I can see myself there, my mouth open with amazement and dust bunnies in my hair.


Next it turns into a shop that sells all things made of wood, and after that a shop that sells everything that snails might need; there are actually lots of snails shopping and I am walking around very carefully, so as not to tread on them. Then the shop changes again and only sells things that are wine-red.


2. Me and Agita are going to interview a couple that live in an ‘ecological house’. The couple reminds me of the potter Uspelis and his wife, except that they speak English. There are rows of concrete shelves for plants in the house, all empty at the moment. Somehow the couple end up interviewing us to see if we’re fit to join their eco commune. I’m given a few newspaper clippings to read and mark whether I agree or disagree with what's written. I have a green marker and mark an article about depression with a ‘+’ and another on education with a ‘-‘. Then I read one on body positivity that enrages me for some reason and I leave the house, cursing under my breath. On the way out I pass Agita who appears to be having an interesting conversation with the wife.


3. Hometown, winter. I’m walking across the town square looking for someone who’d hold my bowl of steaming hot porridge. I ask a girl with curly royal-blue hair, but she declines. I take the tram to the north end of the town and walk in the forest, still holding the hot bowl, and come across a red brick wall with a peculiar tower in the corner – like a brick box high up with no visible supports other than two long flights of concrete stairs leading up to it, no railings. I know I have to climb there and look for a place to set the bowl down. On the ground in front of me there are three deer antlers, good as new as if they’ve just been dropped.

Additional Comments:

1. The caterpillar is definitely from the ballet 'Alice in Wonderland'.

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