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Harp march, cooking jam and a bit of time travel

Thursday, March 9 2017 Views: 82


1. Sunny summer day, unfamiliar dusty road. I’m on a bus with my mother; we both fall asleep. When I wake up, she can barely breathe because of a heart condition. The bus driver says he does not need any problems and kicks us off. I know I have to keep her awake and moving or she’d die. I have a harp strapped across my chest and play an upbeat tune for us to march to. In the dream I realise that I cannot play the harp, but no matter now I touch the strings, it sounds okay.

At some point my mother disappears, but I keep playing and going. The road ends, I climb a hill and walk through the old wooden house on top of it. Therein lives an old woman with her two grandchildren. At the moment I arrive and march through their house, the girl has gone missing and the boy is getting dressed to go find her. He opens the door and I follow him. There’s winter outside.


2. Sylvia had asked me twice for my granma’s rose petal jam recipe; however, first time I didn’t find it as she asked for violet jam instead and granma had no idea what I’m talking about. To get pristine organic roses and wild strawberries, I went back in time, somewhere between dinosaur extinction and the rise of humans, figuring that there will only be small animals in the Hometown area as it’s quite far north (it didn’t occur to me that the whole country was covered by a glacier at the time). I arrived in a sunlit sparse pine forest through what looked like a small stargate without the ‘puddle’.

We made a batch of jam together, all three of us. All the time we were cooking, Sylvia talked about me needing to get married again and gave me a recipe of a rosewater wedding cake as a hint.


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