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Alex's birthday

Saturday, March 11 2017 Views: 285


In the centre of the dream is the Hub that looks like an ordinary corridor in a hotel or an office building, except that the doors lead to different locations. Behind one of the doors is a sanatorium room where I’m spending my vacation. It looks like an ordinary hotel room and there is a pine forest visible from the window.

First I go into the Hub and through a door that leads to a huge garden under a dome. The garden is situated on a steep cone-shaped hill, about 200 feet high, that has a helical road spiralling around it. There are a lot of people walking on the road, but because of its structure they don’t get in each other’s way. There are some girls walking in front of me that are filming everything they see.

For another walk I go into a dense forest after the rain, in late afternoon. It’s very realistic, including the touch of wet leaves and the smell of the damp earth. At some point I realise that I’m lost, but I find a narrow road and while walking along it, enter a blind dream. I keep walking, with my arms outstretched not to run into anything and listening for any incoming cars. I see a little light, it turns out to be a cottage where I ask for directions and continue my way in the darkness, counting steps until I come across the highway. I’m cold and my shoes are soaked through.

The next day I go for a walk on the seaside. The sea is gray and still, on the other side of the road is a harvested field of wheat, just the brown stubble left. The clouds are flying extremely low and the visibility is poor. I think that I’m somewhere in Scotland, around Stonehaven in October.

Walking back from the seaside I witness a near car crash at a T-shaped intersection – there is a brown car with the parents on one side of the road opposite a white car that their son is driving; they just stand there with the engines idling. Then the white car moves and it looks like it is going to ram the brown one, but a red sports car just manages to squeeze between them and makes a sharp handbrake turn, sliding in the place that the white one was occupying just a moment ago. The white car has stopped just before bumping into the brown one and I think “That was close”. The people involved seem to regard it as a joke though, I hear them saying: “No hard feelings”.

An unfamiliar middle-aged woman comes along the road and I tell her about the incident, but when I look back, it’s all gone – there is no trace of the road or the cars. I’m still convinced that it’s there, just obscured by the fog or maybe I had been walking faster than I realised and passed a longer distance than I thought.

Then it’s morning and I have exited my sanatorium room onto a landing on the top of a stairwell to go somewhere with Max. For some reason I’m only wearing black underwear and am holding the rest of my clothes over my elbow, planning to get dressed on the way down. Max seems unfazed by this and we’re chatting while I’m checking that my blouse is not inside out. However, before I manage to put it on, Alex catches up to us. He gives us both cordial hugs and laughs when I don’t want to let him go as we were never friends in real life and he is puzzled why I’m so happy to see him. I know that it’s because of my first dream of Alex that I feel much closer to him, although I have no recognition that I am in another dream at that exact moment; it feels so totally real.

Alex says it’s his birthday and invites us to a party. I exchange looks with Max – our plans for the day are cancelled as I need to go shopping for a present. Max says he has a present ready at home – a box of incense and goes to get it. I enter the Hub and from there open another door that leads to a gift shop. It looks like an office with multiple rooms. Looking out of the window I can see that we’re high up in a skyscraper above a light gray city that I don’t recognise.

There are loads of the most random things in the shop, including fancy stationery and notebooks that I think I’ll return to buy for myself. There is a shelf with aquariums of small, brightly coloured fish that I admire for a while. On the other side the shelf holds terrariums with various moths. Each terrarium holds a small white potted tree, probably a birch, but the leaves are golden brown colour like onion skin; the moths have eaten most of the leaves though. For a moment I consider it as an appropriately bizarre present, but then think that Alex does not have any pets and might not want any, and that the beautiful moths would just die if he doesn’t take care of them.

Finally I ask a formally dressed female sales assistant for help, saying “What would be a suitable present for a prom-age boy who has seen everything?”, which is weird because in this dream Alex appears as he is now not the ‘prom-age boy’ I remember from 15 years ago and the ‘Alex’ dream.

The saleswoman disappears between the shelves and I get ready to discuss and criticise countless options; however, she returns carrying a four feet high crystal decanter of whiskey and I realise that it’s the perfect present. I ask for the price and she says it’s 9.50. I think I misheard and get £95 ready, but she repeats: “9 euros 50 cents” and I laugh that I can’t get used to Latvian prices.


The party part is unclear. The location is a fancy mansion with paintings, mostly portraits, on the walls and lots of bookshelves. I’m dressed like the woman in the illustration to another dream (Two witches’ servant). At one point I’m sitting on the edge of the pool table, talking sweet nonsense with Alex who’s toying with the hem of my skirt, which I don’t mind. But then he leans in to kiss me and tries to push my skirt up; I slap his hand off, jump off the table and walk out of the room. Behind the door is the entrance hall with a huge chandelier and double staircase.

Later that night I’m back in my sanatorium room and Alex walks in and leaves a card with 4 out of 5 star rating near my pillow. The stars are star-shaped holes punched in the card and I feel them with my fingers instead of seeing them. It’s not a blind dream, however, just dark.

Additional Comments:

After the first Alex dream I looked him up on a social network and our only communication was me sending him a 'Happy birthday' message to which he replied describing his memories of me. We haven't been in touch since. After writing the first dream I did remember one non-violent moment between us - we were watching a game of chess and he rested his head in my lap; however, that too was in the fight club at a rest break. The first dream also involved travelling between different locations via the Hub.

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