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Angel and demon bistro in Wonderland

Sunday, March 12 2017 Views: 82

A long dream about a quest where I had to fight various evil entities to get Kiddo to a safe house. Just outside it there was a bit of a blind dream and she went through the wrong door that led to Wonderland. I was checking that the safe house was indeed safe and went outside to get her, but there was only a demon child sitting on the curb.

I entered Wonderland to find Kiddo and ended up in an angel-and-demon bistro where stereotypically white pretty female angels were eating white food – rice, fish and milk, while the demons that looked like a gang of burly bikers were waiting in line for black painted boiled eggs and beetroots. I joined the queue and the server studied me for a long time before plopping a ladleful of rice into my bowl.



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