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Fire hydras

Sunday, May 7 2017 Views: 123


2. Unfamiliar dark room with one small window. I got a weird worm-like animal that I recognised as a fire hydra latched on my finger. Its body was red and segmented like earthworm’s, and it had six claw-like stingers on one end. It stung me and I ripped it off; however, the stingers stayed buried in my skin, and more hydras grew from them and wrapped my whole left hand. It hurt like a really bad nettle sting, but the dream amplified the feeling making it much worse.

A man I recognised as the school guard found me there, standing by the window and trying to get the hydras off carefully despite the pain, so that they wouldn’t leave any more stingers in. He gave me a bottle of medicine, but seeing me struggle with opening it, he opened it instead and poured the brown sticky balm on my hand. It made hydras shrivel up and fall off, which was such as relief to see. I rubbed my hand which was still hurting; the medicine was really hard to rub off.

I thanked the guard, but he looked at me sadly and said: “It’s not over yet,” and pointed to my head. I touched my hair and found lots of fire hydras in a big tight circle on the back of my head, intertwined in my hair. The pain kicked in immediately upon this discovery and I told him he can cut off my hair, pre-empting his question. Instead he led me to an empty cold sauna, told me to stand over a basin and poured the medicine in my hair, combing the released hydras out. I was standing patiently, looking down at the light blue bath mat that had a few stains from the medicine on it.


1. I was on the 1st tram to train station with my brother. We had two baskets with live chickens. He got off at the wrong stop near the Central Hospital and I hoped he runs fast enough towards the station instead of waiting for the next tram.

Additional Comments:

Probably inspired by the unusually toxic nettles I've been battling the whole week.

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