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Sunday, May 7 2017 Views: 137


3. Unfamiliar setting reminiscent of amusement park, mostly dark. I’ve arrived there as a part of a group, but when the dream starts, I’m sitting alone in what looks like a ski lift that moves through the dark corridors. I decide to go into ‘a carwash for people’ and get my hair washed by a robot there. I dip my fingers into the blue shampoo that reminds me of the medicine in the previous dream, although it’s dark blue and makes my fingers transparent for a moment. It’s similarly hard to wipe off.

I sit for a while with my hair dripping wet, then a hairdresser arrives. I don’t see him as he stands behind me and there is no mirror, but his voice sounds calm and trustworthy when he asks me what style I want, so I tell him he’s free to improvise. While he dries and styles my hair, we talk a lot about my previous colours and styles (the facts discussed suggest it’s 2011).

When he’s done, there’s suddenly a mirror for me to admire the result. It looks like a sleek topknot on a fake undercut. I like how it looks on me, but remark that undercuts and manbuns are usually the style I like in men. The hairdresser says it’s very me and should be convenient in a fight. Then he tells me to turn around and covers my head with a very bright and distinct veil – vibrant mustard yellow with royal blue triangle patterns around the bottom edge.

While he pins the veil in place, I take time to study him – he’s skinny, about an inch shorter than me, bespectacled, in short – pretty average, but there is something about his demeanour, some intangible calm, comforting and trustworthy quality that I find very attractive. When the veil is done, we hug for a very long while, it’s very realistic and followed by a short kiss, after which I have to go back to work.

I work as a bodyguard for a big African family, at least a dozen people of various ages. Now my veil makes sense as all women are wearing bright headwraps. They are all eating from takeaway boxes when I arrive; the smell of curry is overwhelming and makes me feel hungry. Nobody notices me except their little girl of about five who brings me a box containing a curry roll; however, somebody has already taken a bite of it, so I put the box down on the low table.

Then the little girl’s grandmother has been kidnapped and I have to save her. I go to an abandoned warehouse to fight the anime-looking villain. I have a selection of blades in my belt and drop the veil on the ground with flourish when I notice him standing in the wide-open door. The hairdresser is suddenly beside me, armed with several pairs of scissors of various sizes. Seeing two of us, the villain waves his hand up in the air and two copies of him jump down from the rafters. We fight and I marvel at hairdresser’s skill as he cuts one of the villains to shreds starting with fingers.

Additional Comments:

Brain is being a good girl giving me continuation of yesterday’s interrupted hair brushing dream. Very peculiar combination of real and unreal though – all the hair facts mentioned were clear real memories on a precise timeline. Washing hair was probably the echo from the dream directly before it (“Fire hydras”). The hairdresser, amusement park, anime villains and African family have no foundations in real life and no immediate ties to other dreams.

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