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Just married

Monday, May 8 2017 Views: 430

There was a long build-up and overcoming many difficulties leading up to me getting married. The first difficulty I remember was a jealous friend of mine (unfamiliar young woman) who kept interfering. We sat on a mossy hillside in a light pine forest, discussing her jealousy and sabotage attempts calmly. I forgave her and, after she promised not to do it again, I gave her a hug.

Then my mother and I got lost in a huge underground mall where we went to have our hair and nails done. It took a lot of running around and asking people for the way out, but we eventually found the exit.

My fiancé was having a different sort of difficulty – he was a future king and his father planned to abdicate the moment we get married. However, the old king was bothering my fiancé endlessly with infinite lists of etiquette and royal protocols.

In the end, we ran away and were wed on the bank of the River of Fate just after sunset. There were no traces of civilisation visible, just meadows and forests on both sides of the river; however, there were quite a few people milling around, slowly gravitating towards us. We were both dressed in simple white linen clothes, I had a veil attached to a wreath of myrtle and white flowers.

My now husband put two rings on my left ring finger and proclaimed: “I present you your new Queen!” He then led me to the river and dunked me in the warm slow-flowing water; I knew it was meant to ‘wash’ the baptism off me and return me to the faith of the Old Gods. We swam slowly to the opposite shore, laughing and splashing. I had lost my veil and flower crown and saw them float downstream. I lifted up my left hand to admire the rings – one was white gold with diamonds and other a filigree wreath of minuscule oak leaves rendered in silver.

We got out on the sandy bank of the opposite shore. Now I finally took a long look at my husband as if I saw him for the first time. Having seen him patiently argue the minutiae of the protocol with his father, I had an impression of a calm and soft-spoken man; however, here he appeared almost lionesque – tall, blond, loud and infinitely confident. I felt a sort of love and lust for him that I imagine only develops after years of happy long-term relationships. I took him by the hand and playfully said something about the need to work on continuing the royal bloodlines. He laughed, hugged me briefly and we started walking upstream, still holding hands. A passer-by I recognised as my former neighbour looked at me for a long moment and exclaimed: “Rita! I knew you when you were just a kid. Well done, kid!”.

Additional Comments:

This is as atypical a dream as can get. It seems that the dream engineered the person to recognise me at the end because otherwise I would seriously doubt it was me throughout the dream and would mark it as ‘Alternate POV’. Most things to do with vanity, royalty and weddings are totally irrelevant and uninteresting to me. My attitude towards weddings and marriage is best illustrated by The Matchmaker’s House dream from September 2016 (in short – ‘run!’). Only other two dreams where I got happily married occurred in July 2014 and were both about GD Falksen, the writer. The setting of the dream was an unspecified Scandinavian country, but the oak wreath, River of Fate and the tradition of washing off baptism are from Latvian folklore. Another unusual touch was wet clothes and hair causing me no discomfort, although wet clothing is usually a nightmare element.

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