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Inverted World

Friday, May 12 2017 Views: 234

Two of my favourite YouTubers (Kreosan and Temnaya Faza) were exploring the Inverted World of the sort that Christopher Priest described – infinite planet in a finite universe. They were going into the Past, joking and laughing the whole way, unaware of the danger. In the evening, they settled for the night in the ruins of a gothic church. I observed their travels as a disembodied presence and noticed Kelly (Misfits) following them, intending to protect them. She was hiding in the shadows while they slept by the campfire.

The next day they went too deep into the Past and the landscape changed suddenly – the small stream the guys were following suddenly turned as wide as the sea and the abnormal gravity was carrying them out into the open water as fast as if they were water-skiing. They weren’t affected by the landscape, but Kelly was, so she stood across the stream, one foot on each side to make a bridge and dipped her hands in the water to catch them. I didn’t see how the world looked from her perspective, but the guys saw her as a low orange arch over the water, and bumped into her, wondering what is this strange bridge seemingly made of fabric. Both guys had orange life jackets on.

Additional Comments:

5 hours of sleep, close to surface, therefore the dream populated by recently viewed characters.

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