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Feeding tapirs

Thursday, May 11 2017 Views: 141

Twilight. Lee and I are in an unknown outdoor location, seemingly under a bridge, but there is no river. There is, however, an enclosure made of rough uneven boards that holds two cow-sized tapirs. They’re both brown with white spots. There’s also a huge pallet box full of lettuce and we feed whole heads of lettuce to the tapirs.

Lee and I keep glancing at each other seductively and about halfway through the feeding have to stop to kiss. I touch him teasingly through the clothes and give him a little tickle.

However, the animals are still hungry and are stomping and snorting and we go back to feeding them.

Additional Comments:

Huh, I managed to find one short explanation on what it might mean to dream of tapirs, which might be summarised as "You are gentle towards the shy". This ties in with having Lee, the innocent shy archetypal Sweetheart, in the dream.

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