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Inventor of egg tree

Wednesday, May 10 2017 Views: 77

1. Wartime, probably 1940s. A young woman was being investigated for some petty crime she might have committed against her husband. I cross-examined her case and discovered that her husband had ordered some people to spy on her.

I also watched a recording of them meeting for the first time. Her husband was selling his invention in the marketplace – seedlings of a tree that grew eggs, which, as he advertised, ‘in size and nutritional value are similar to ostrich eggs’. At that time he was married to someone else – a red-haired woman who had a twin sister. His to-be new wife approached him to ask something and, without turning back he said: “Is that my favourite bitch and her evil twin?”. She was so shocked that she dropped the loaf of bread she was carrying. He picked it up for her, stared at her for a long moment and seemed instantly smitten.


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