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Tuesday, May 16 2017 Views: 311

I was travelling the Apiary side of Hometown, looking for a missing girl. I knew nothing of her, except that she was missing. While travelling on buses and staying in a hotel by the lake, I saw three random people reading Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Then there was a tiger hiding in the tool shed behind the hotel and eating the piglets, which could not be allowed to continue. The shed and pigsty were located in a small backyard and the only way to get there was down a long flight of outdoor stairs. Some twenty women gathered with makeshift weapons to hunt the tiger down; they were all dressed in light 1930s dresses, totally unsuitable for fights and hunts. I was also dressed in a pale pink satin dress and cardigan, and armed with a cleaver. There was only one man – an Indian warrior armed with a spear.


All of us stood at the top of the stairs, but only the warrior and I had the courage to go descend the stairs into the yard, me on the left side and him on the right. I had assumed that the plan was to scare the tiger out, but as we approached the tool shed, it jumped on a barrel just outside the door and roared at the warrior, ready to attack him. I might have glanced back or not, but I knew that the small crowd of terrified women are still standing at the top of the stairs and that there is no way the big cat is getting out without tearing through them and probably killing many.

So I swung the cleaver hard and let it land on the tiger’s head almost without looking. The first strike made a sickening wet sound as I hit it just behind the ears. I swung again, harder, and this time the cleaver stayed buried diagonally in the top of the tiger’s head. I stared at it, my eyes filling with tears as the last look in the tiger’s amber eyes seemed filled with such forgiveness and acceptance, it seemed grateful and almost human.

Then next part was fuzzy. Everyone cheered and later we had dinner in the spacious candlelit dining hall, and it was announced that I had completed my mission. The missing girl was brought forward and introduced to me, but I barely looked at her. She was about 12-13 years old, and also dressed in a light dress and had flowers in her blonde hair.

I went to bed and fell asleep and woke up in tears. I had to wake up early, it was still dark. I was stripping the bedlinens (salmon pink satin with woven flowers) when the housekeeper entered and took these out of my hands. I used the corner of the duvet cover to wipe the last of my tears.

Then the girl and I were on a bus for a very long time. We arrived at the destination in the darkness, so I didn’t see the outside of the house. Inside it was revealed that I was Lagertha and the girl was the long-lost daughter of Jon Snow. He met us in the hall and ordered the girl to be reintroduced to her siblings. Then we were alone and he kissed me, pressing me hard against the wall, bringing me out of my stupor. Absent-mindedly I reached to steady myself and with my left hand grabbed what felt like a string hanging off a peg above me.

Still mid-kiss I saw Jon’s eyes widen in fear. He stepped back and pointed at what I now saw was a thin silver chain; he seemed lost for words. I kept holding the chain and staring at him with confused amusement until, several deep breaths later, he reminded me that it’s a weapon that nobody has been able to touch as the chain burns through all flesh.

The people who had been ordered to take Jon’s daughter to his other children returned, saying that his youngest daughter had a panic attack thinking that it’s her sister’s ghost. Jon said we have to go get revenge on whoever kidnapped our (?) daughter, and suggested I use the chain for a weapon.


Then we were in a fog or smoke obscured battlefield. I was swinging the chain around, cutting armoured soldiers in half, thinking that the dying tiger had probably bequeathed the gift of immortality upon me, when I distinctly felt two blades pierce my left side. The coldness of the blades and the pain felt so real I woke up.

Additional Comments:

Yesterday I actually made an effort to introduce some new characters and ideas into my dream, but obviously failed.

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