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Saturday, July 1 2017 Views: 241

(There was some pre-history of me working in a field with various men, including twin Ruuds, but I don’t remember it that well.)

1. I’m walking towards the school and am just turning the corner to Crest road when I run into the most handsome man who’s walking the same way with his grandparents. His grandmother seems to think we’re acquainted and takes his grandfather by the hand and quickens the pace to give us some privacy to talk. We do so, reluctantly and awkwardly at first, but then he seems to warm to me and takes me by the hand. I almost let my hand slip out of his and hold only his fingertips, but he regains his grip and smiles at me. I don’t pay much attention to what he says, instead being completely transfixed by the beauty of his face.

His grandparents turn into the school shortcut, but we walk one street further to Green street. The passions seem to be burning by this point and we have sex there, right in the middle of the street, in broad daylight. We do it standing up, holding on to each other, not taking our clothes off. He unbuttons my blouse and tucks the hem of my long skirt into the front of the waistband; I have no underwear on. I pull his leather jacket and dark blue patterned shirt off his right shoulder to kiss and bite the spot above his collarbone. He doesn’t have any protection and, feeling the wetness between my legs, I think I’ll just take a morning-after pill.

Then we’re done and he’s supposed to be picked up by a girl on a motorbike. He’s already sitting behind her side-saddle, holding a big wooden box as we say goodbye, but then he seems to give in to his feelings and stays with me. We kiss and then make our way further down the Crest road.

We observe lots of birds building their nests in the trees and he points out one particular yellow bird which weaves its nest from palm leaves. It looks like a basket hanging off a low branch and some kids are putting things into it they think the bird could find helpful – straw, ribbons, cotton wool. Kiddo is there too and I keep her from putting some gray weathered boards into the nest. There is also a white van parked on the side of the road and some men are standing next to it, arguing about a magnetophon.

Additional Comments:

Updated to confirmed pre-cognitive as I met the man a month later.

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