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Post-apocalyptic broadcast

Saturday, July 15 2017 Views: 170

1. Post-apocalyptic setting – a huge city of mostly crumbling or burned out tower blocks, overcast gray sky, no green anywhere. For some unspecified reason, it is impossible to travel by land and the few remaining survivors are trapped in the top levels of the tower blocks that have survived destruction.

I’ve made my home in what looks like a publisher’s office, at least I know that I while away the days by reading, feeling calm and unhurried. I also listen to the messages broadcast on the radio by my closest neighbours.

Methos tells long interesting stories that I listen to, enraptured, but can’t broadcast anything back to him. However, when I lean put through the corner window holding a contraption that looks like a big round mirror on a selfie stick, I can actually see him; it makes no sense as the mirror is pointed right back at me, but in the dream I don’t question it.

I can broadcast to Pascal though, and give him dating advice regarding the woman who keeps some animals in the house next to his; they’re so close they could actually talk in person were he not so shy. However, by the time he musters his courage and bridges the gap between both roofs, she and her animals have died. As a disembodied presence I watch Pascal make his way over the roof, trying not to step on animal bones that are scattered everywhere. He picks up a human skull that lies next to a horse skeleton and looks at it for a long while.

Additional Comments:

Finally, a dream that’s more or less functional – reflects my waking thoughts and fulfils the task that was set – give me an idea for a story that would be worth the resources to commission. Methos reflected in the mirror probably needs more thought; there must be a reason why I’ve been stuck with this old toy for close to twenty years now (not that I’m complaining XD).

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