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I protect

Friday, July 28 2017 Views: 152

Twilight, my present home. I’m leaving the house to go to the garden, but the whole way I’m dragging an endless extension cord with me.

Then we’re riding bikes with Tanya in an unfamiliar part of the town. It’s still cloudy twilight. Tanya’s hair is getting in her eyes all the time and we’re riding at a top speed looking for a hairdresser’s. I see a salon named ‘Gaia’ downhill and we both ride there. I brake too late and ride through the open door and just manage to stop before crashing into the opposite wall. The salon is florist’s not hairdresser’s though. The female florist stares at me angrily and I pick up the bike and leave before she begins to yell at me.

Then I’m in the Summerhouse. I’m drying lots of bread, there are slices of various sorts of bread on every surface. BL is there with me, I know that I have saved him from some trouble and now he rests his head in my lap and asks why I did it. I stroke his hair absent-mindedly while I think long and hard for the answer, and all I can come up with is: “That’s the quintessential question about my nature. I protect.”

While turning the bread over, I watch an interview with an unnamed doom metal band. They’re sitting on stage in what looks like an opera or a theatre and somebody from the audience asks them to improvise a piece of music about him. They play a short piece and sing a verse about the angelic beauty of his face. The spotlight suddenly illuminates the face of the man who made the request – he’s average, nothing angelic about him, although he does have the expression of entranced rapture on his face.

Additional Comments:

Curious dream. BL is one of the worst people I’ve ever called a friend, although he’s not evil, just terribly misguided. I've had to mentor him somewhat in waking life and I did feel protective, as he would just mindlessly insult and antagonise other people left and right, not understanding the consequences of his words, while I suspected that he has undiagnosed Asperger's. P.S. Just looked BL up on the social media - at the time I was dreaming of him, he was getting married.

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