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Learning Dutch

Saturday, July 29 2017 Views: 165

I’m in the Summerhouse with Kiddo, we’re getting ready for a fancy-dress party in school. We have same costumes – long silk skirt (mine is teal and hers is red), black corset top and white fluffy capelet. We’re in a hurry, but miss the train to town anyway, and decide to go on foot. It’s a cloudy day in late spring and the going is easy. I enjoy the feel of silk swishing against my legs. Instead of 3-4 hours the walk takes only about ten minutes.

We’re on the corner of 18th and Port street when it starts to rain. We’re looking for shelter and I see Bella (Kiddo’s classmate) and her mother seemingly lost on the deserted street, looking around for somewhere to hide too. I motion them over and we go into a small office.

It turns out to be a language school where Ruud teaches Dutch. Kiddo and Bella take a lesson with him while I chat to Bella’s mother. Then I have a lesson and am doing quite well learning various tenses of the common verbs. I tell Ruud that I’m planning to learn all European languages, but am taking it slow so that this hobby lasts me a lifetime. He asks which language I learned last and I say it was Finnish.

All the time I have doubts whether this is the same Ruud as in the other dreams and waking life (although I don’t have a distinct notion that I’m in a dream at that very moment) as he hasn’t introduced himself. He gives me a book titled “The Smiling Kings” and on one of the front pages there is a black-and-white photo of him with a caption “Hi, my name is Roo.” I’m puzzled, but the look at the cover and the name of the author is Roo de ***** (his actual surname), so now I’m sure it’s him. The design of the cover is similar to those ‘For Dummies’ books.

Additional Comments:

So, obviously the Ruud streak isn’t over; this is the 10th dream and 13th Ruud, at least there’s not two of him in every dream anymore. ‘Roo’ probably comes from chatting to a new friend who reminds me of Roo Panes. Finnish is indeed the last language I’ve studied, but I haven’t considered learning Dutch yet as it doesn’t present enough challenge.

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