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Stone angel and dirty money

Monday, August 14 2017 Views: 62

I had gone to Capital to buy a seven feet tall white stone statue of an angel, it felt like the most important thing in my life. However, I had all my money stolen while standing in a church yard admiring it. The rest of the dream was me looking for the money - I found one wad that a cleaner had stolen and hidden in a tiled bathroom, in a bucket of dirty water. It was disgusting to reach into it, but I did it. Turning around I saw a little African girl in a yellow dress who handed me another wad of money, this one sticky with chewing gum. A couple went past and I knew they had the last third. I waved what money I had at them saying cheerfully: "I already have enough!", knowing that it's not money they wanted, it was preventing me from getting the angel. The girl reached into guy's jeans and got the last third of money, this one dripping in cum and threw it at me angrily.

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